Getting Ready for MIT Reality Hack

MIT reality hack is about to start in a couple of days, and I’m excited to join many talented people to build something beautiful this week!
It’s time to get a fresh glance at the AR technology - it must have developed significantly since my last project. I’ve created a prototype of a VR frisbee game that allows you to throw virtual frisbees that fly as they would fly in the real world. Originally I wanted to re-create the Ultimate Frisbee experience in the VR world since all the leagues were closed because of the pandemic.
However, the frisbee time has passed, and now it’s time for new experiments. I have a few ideas for AR products. However, it seems convenient A-Frame does not support user interactions with the 3D interface. The only option is to use a 2D

transparent overlay with regular HTML elements, which seems a little bit too 20th century to me. I guess I will have to either stick with the Apple ARKit for iOS or learn the Unity interactions.

Apple Reality Composer

At first, Apple technology is extremely simple and fun to use. I’ve managed to create a brand new scene with interactions in just about 30 minutes after watching a few videos. BTW Apple videos from WWDC are extremely well prepared, and I highly recommend watching them! Now I almost get why so many people purchase tickets to be there in person - not only it’s inspiring, it’s also very useful.


This video seems very clear and on target. It’s pretty rare to find someone, who is not giving 80% of useless content. Here it was surprisingly exactly what I was looking for.


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